A Great Article on ‘How to be Successful at Anything’

I read this article this morning and the very first paragraph stuck a chord,

It’s probably not a surprise that I spend a significant amount of time thinking about why some of my clients and our members at the gym absolutely crush their goals while others have a difficult time creating any significant or consistent change.”

It was like someone jumped into my mind.

100% this is one of my biggest “why” questions I ask myself on a daily basis. It’s why I make a daily commitment of reading, researching and analyzing everything on nutrition, fitness and movement for almost two decades. YES, it is also why I left my full-time job, left a great place to work, left a super secure paycheque and pension to throw myself into the roller coster ride of being an entrepreneur. **PS While you might think, oh it must always be fun because roller coasters are fun and give you a sense of true freedom…. the flip side is that sometimes you also find yourself with sweaty palms, wanting to get off and could throw up at any given moment. The roller coaster analogy is a good one for any future entrepreneurs out there.

This article How to be Successful at Anything by Amanda Perry is a great read. She was bang on with this list and I encourage you to check out her full article and give it some quality thinking time today.

Here is her list:

1. Successful people are consistent.

It’s why we created our unique system at Taylored Training with no booked sessions so our members could BE more consistent. We knew the reality that ‘life happens’ so making a set appointment for something as important as taking care of your health and well-being wasn’t sustainable. It is why we transformed our business and training model. We theorized, and now know, that  having extreme flexibility is a proven way to facilitate a higher level of consistency for our members.

2. Successful people trust the process.

This is my favourite exercise (see below). It’s called a Turkish Get-up. Most of our members (both in-studio and online) really hate it but I understand why.  It’s freaking hard, it’s awkward, it’s super challenging and actually very technical making it complex and at times frustrating to learn and master. It’s by far one of THE best exercises you should be doing as it works almost EVERY major component for your fitness: grip strength, shoulder mobility, shoulder stability, full-body strength, core strength, mobility, unilateral strength, movement and coordination OH! and getting up off the ground, which is a Super handy life skill, especially for the 80+ crowd. The picture below is of one of our most successful clients we have ever trained. She went from 5lbs weights, elliptical workouts and feeling frustrated with her strength and physique to becoming what is commonly know as in the word of fitness as a ‘beast’.  She 100 % trusted in the process. Whether it was training after a 12 hour night shift, following a nutrition program or trying a heavier or more challenging exercise or weight her coach suggested. She was always up for the challenge. This 24K Turkish get-up (for multiple reps at the end of a training session one day…) was just one of the many accomplishments realized by trusting in the process.

3. Successful people believe in themselves.

You must believe in yourself in order to be successful. You also must have a clear direction on WHAT success means to you and WHY it is important.  It’s one of the huge motivators for making fitness a part of your life. Your ‘WHY’ will help you make training happen on the days you need an extra push or sitting on the couch drinking a glass of wine seems more appealing…


4. Successful people realize they can not succeed alone.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Guess, what?  EVERY member we have worked with over the past 10 years of Taylored Training have also struggled with their weight, their mobility, injuries and a lack of motivation.  You are not alone if you have experience one or more of these challenges (yes, even coaches do too!).  Having a coach and having a supportive community is absolutely KEY to being successful.

5. Successful people realize there is no wagon.

I read another great article this morning on dieting Here it is. It reminded me why we stand behind having memberships and teaching intermittent fasting versus 6 week bootcamp programs and meal plans that we offered in our earlier years in business. If we can all agree that keeping consistent IS key to success, then finding a sustainable system for your fitness, movement and nutrition is what you need to look for. Crash diets and short-term fitness lead to short-term results. In two decades of fitness, I can be certain of that statement.



I encourage you to take some time to REALLY think about this list today.

Where are you at?

What are you missing?

How are going to act on making a change?

Just remember you can be successful.  The first step is believing that you can and then taking these 5 action steps to make it happen!

Let’s Talk Clean Eating

Today I wanted to chat about “Clean Eating” because I’m still a fan even though the term does seem to get demonized in the media these days.

Someone asked me the other day about ‘my take’ on clean eating so I thought I would share.

Clean Eating for me has two components:

Focusing on REAL, WHOLE food. Sure, the odd protein bar or shake can be convenient but to be honest you have to ask yourself why you are choosing to put something into your body that is composed of a lot of hard to pronounce, man made chemicals?  Now I have had my fair share of protein shakes and bars over my fitness journey but after taking them out of my diet  a few months ago, I can honestly say I really don’t miss them! I actually walked into a supplement store last week and was over whelmed by the artificial smell. It really made me realize that they just isn’t a need to have supplements in my diet and in fact I turned around and walked out of the store.  These days if I want something sweet I have a piece of fruit, dark chocolate or one of my favourite cookies from a local bake shop (which by the way smells MUCH better when you walk through the doors).

My Advice:

Instead of grabbing a bar, grab a piece of fruit or some nuts & seeds (and yes, salted are aok)!

Instead of worrying about your post workout window and how quickly you can guzzle down a protein shake, focus more time on getting in lots of water and adding in a few extra minutes to foam roll and stretch!

Instead of focusing on calculating out each gram of carbohydrate you eat and stressing that bananas, potatoes  will make you huge, enjoy some fruit, add in complex carbs (rice, homemade breads, quinoa…etc) and be mindful that yes, ‘it is ok’.  Heck, I have even recently started incorporating fresh bagels into some of my meals!

2. My clean eating philosophy is very strict. Everything I now eat is 100% clean and free of anxiety, guilt, shame or restriction. 

Don’t be afraid…Eating clean CAN taste good if you learn how!