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The Latest Awesome Fitness Reads!

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Surfing around the internet on Sunday morning made me come to the grand conclusion that it’s no wonder the average person gets incredibly confused when it comes to learning about health and fitness.

Eat paleo, don’t eat paleo, have cheat days, don’t have cheat days,  train deadlifts, don’t train deaf lifts…you get the idea.

Here  is how we are going to provide you with the BEST information. We are going to point you in the right direction of what to read in order to get top notch info we think you would like to know!

Our team at Taylored Training is constantly reading, analyzing and researching information that we want to share with you!  This is on top of the content that we also write and publish!

And without further adieu…

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Fat Loss Tip #3 – Train a minimum of 4x a week

4 hours. That’s not a lot to ask, is it?

If you’re serious about hitting your fat loss goals, then get serious about making time for 4 training sessions a week (perhaps 5 if you can swing it!). We find in our experience that this is important for two major reasons:

1 – This number of training sessions instills the habit of regular training. This is VERY key to long-term success.

2  – Hitting this number of sessions per week will allow you to see strength gains, mobility gains and physique transformation PLUS it allows for 2-3 days for rest and recovery.

Ensure you have qualified coaches, a well designed program and the support you need to hit this target!



3 Things I learned when I got injured.

Injuries suck.

Life tasks become challenging. You feel overwhelmed with frustration. And, you can’t exactly train like you are use to.

Like I said, injuries suck.

A couple months ago I sustained an injury to my wrist. It’s been a slow recovery process but I must say I’ve learned an incredible amount in the process.

I went through the ‘stages of injury’ as I call them.

Stage #1 Denial: It’s not so bad. I’ll be fine. It doesn’t hurt THAT much. Yeah, that was all bullshit. 

Stage #2 Facing The Facts: Yes, this injury wasn’t going away. I couldn’t ignore it. Not being able to open doors, lift a plate or hold a glass, let alone demonstrate a side plank or turkish get up to a client was NOT ok. I was hurt and I had to accept it.

Stage #3 Supreme Anger and Feeling Sorry for Myself: Yep. That wasn’t a fun stage for Taylor. I was frustrated that I couldn’t resume my normal training routine OR do my favourite exercises like Turkish Get ups, KB snatches or pull-ups (yes, I’m aware I’m a bit strange). I felt like I was going to lose my strength and not be able to maintain my fitness. I had to get over myself and I did (eventually).
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Stage #4 Trusting the Process and focusing on getting better!: I am fortunate to have an absolutely incredible physiotherapist as a colleague, teammate and good friend. She has given me outstanding care and has been extremely patient. Wrist injuries take time and as of today I’m almost back to full training capacity; She. Is. Incredible.

So here are my 3 big takeaways and if you have an injury I hope you can hear me out because you don’t have to just ‘live with it’ AND you can actually use the time to focus on other aspects of your training to better hit your fitness goals!

Cause we've all been there.
Cause we’ve all been there.


#1 – Find a physiotherapist that is focused on getting you better. This is THE most important thing you need to start with. Find and work with THE best.  And no, sitting on a machine for your treatment is not going to help your injury (just like it won’t help your fitness, sorry I had to, couldn’t resist…).

#2 – Be patient and learn to work around your injury. Because I’ve had to modify my training I have been able to work on some other areas that I’ve been neglecting. For example today I held the a Kettlebell bottom’s up with the 24K and that felt awesome!

#3 – Maintain your training and find a coach that can help you – don’t give up! The WORSE thing you can do is simply not train. You can still train, trust me. Work with a coach that can modify your training to help you focus on getting better while still working on your fitness goals.

Like anything in life, you can learn a lot from the bumps in the road, never let them stop you!  (but always slow down for speed bumps while driving.)




Fat Loss Tip #2 -Eat a complete protein at every meal

I read a lot of food journals throughout my week as a coach, and a lack of protein is the #1 mistake I see people make.

So what’s the deal with including this macronutrient? 

Protein is present everywhere in the body including your muscles, bones, connective tissue, blood vessels, blood cells, skin, hair and even your finger nails!  The protein in your body is constantly being lost or broken down as a result of normal physiological wear and tear, aka life!

You can not survive with out protein. It’s a key player in the repair and construction of muscle tissue, otherwise known as building your pipes.



It’s important (for obvious reasons) to keep a steady amount of protein in your diet throughout your day but it’s particularly important to ensure you have adequate protein post training.

When you stress your muscles (this is a good thing that happens when you train) with resistance training, your brain tells your muscle cells to start making new proteins. (Envision your brain  like a chief plant manager, hard hat and all, telling the assembly line to hurry it up and get producing more protein ASAP!). In order for the production to take place, there must be enough amino acids available to make it happen. By keeping your body supplied with protein throughout your day and especially post training, you are able to keep yourself in an ‘anabolic’ state (muscle building) versus a catabolic state (when muscle loss occurs).

This is why a post training shake is specifically recommended, since your body will digest liquid calories at a faster rate and you will also be able to provide your body with much needed protein.

In terms of fat loss, studies suggest that higher protein diets promote greater fat loss because your body has to work harder to digest protein versus carbohydrate,know as the thermogenic effect. Also, time and time again the research demonstrates that higher protein diets lead to an improved state of satiety, fancy lingo for saying you feel fuller for a longer period of time and are less likely to grab the chocolate sitting in the staff room!

With all this being said, amping up your protein intake doesn’t equate to instant muscle, you have to earn it with your training! Also any surplus of calories from protein can be converted into body fat, so it’s a matter of balance, which is key when planning out what you eat.

The best way to ensure you are getting enough protein is to include a portion at each meal. While you don’t need to reach for the 12 oz steak, aim to include complete protein sources like eggs, animal meats and dairy protein found in cottage cheese, greek yogurt and milk.

egg white omelet




Fat Loss Tip #1 – Wake up and Drink Water!

Quick! What’s the most critical nutrient for growth, development and health?





When you sleep you are in a completely fasted state (unless you have a tendency to sleep walk to the kitchen…). While breakfast refers to the first meal to ‘break your fast’, also remember to drink up – and water should be your first choice!


I’m guilty as charged of wanting to hit up a cup of coffee first thing when I wake up. As of late I’ve made the commitment to fill my big cup with water and drink it BEFORE I start making my early morning cup of goodness (aka my coffee).

It’s hard to say enough good things about water. As the primary fluid in your body, water serves as a solvent for minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose and many other nutrients. Without water you can’t even digest these essential nutrients, let along absorb and use them. Water also transports waste products out of the body and is a part of the lubricants in your joints that keeps them moving, On top of all these awesome things, when your body temperature starts to rise, water takes on the role of a coolant.

Specifically with regard to fat loss water can help you get and stay lean. If you are dehydrated, the kidneys need backup and turn to the liver for help. Since the liver mobilizes stored fat for energy, if it’s too preoccupied with assisting the kidneys, the liver can’t do its fat burning job nearly as well (and we don’t want THAT to happen!).

In addition water intake can help take the edge off your hunger while adjusting your calorie intake to drop body fat AND it has 0 calories – BONUS!

Lastly as you start shedding your body fat in your metamorphousis to your new leaner self, as you burn off stored fatty acids as energy, you will release any fat soluble toxins that have been stored in your fat cells.The more H2O you drink, the more you dilute the toxins and kick them to the curb! This is the ONLY ‘detox’ you ever need to do – drink enough water and you’re covered!


Honestly, need I say more?


But how much you ask? The easiest way to see if you are drinking enough water is to check your pee. Yup. You want a mellow yellow or close to clear. If your pee is very dark in colour – it’s time to hit the water cooler stat!


Full disclosure; I actually can’t stand the taste of water in the morning. Any other time of day I’m down with it but not in the morning. So do I wake up excited to drink my cup of water? Not so much. BUT I know it’s important for my health AND I know that I have a warm cup of java waiting for me after!


Don’t forget you also intake a fair amount of water when you consume your fruits and veggies, so it’s another incentive to amp up your fruit and veggie servings throughout the day!


Lastly, I’m going to leave you with some easy ways to jazz up your water – give these a shot!


* Add some cucumber (it really does add a nice flavor!)

* Add some of your favourite fruit: oranges, strawberries, pineapple

* Try an iced herbal tea – David’s Tea has some amazing flavours

water with lemon


Eggnog Protein Shake FTW!

We were talking the other day about eggnog. Some are haters some are lovers…I know.

But for the lovers out there, try this post workout protein shake on for size!










– Vanilla Whey protein

– 150g of Greek yogurt (plain, non-fat)

– 1/2 cup of almond milk

– 1/2 cup of egg nog

– 1 tsp of vanilla extract

– 1 tsp of pumpkin spice

Blend the ingredients together

350 k/cal with 43g of protein, 26g of carbs, and 8g of fat.


The Secret to achieving your fitness goals.

I just returned from a weekend in Ottawa attending the Agatsu Kettlebell certification. It was an intense weekend and one that definitely progressed my kettlebell skills and technique.

I had some company this weekend, as one of our new coaches Abbie joined me for her very first fitness certification. She did an amazing job and killed her testing!

I posted some pictures of Abbie who was a client in March of this year and a picture of her executing an exercise called the bottoms up windmill this weekend at our course.

abbie before and KB

Since posting these pics I’ve gotten a lot of questions!


How’d she make that change? You mean she was out of shape before she started ?    She was a smoker? WHAT!?


And what everyone wants to know – how’d she do it!?

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Not much in life is guaranteed. Until now.

Not much in life is guaranteed. Agreed?


We want to change that at Taylored Training.


Taylor and I have done it all when it comes to fitness.


– Box gyms

– Private one-on-one training

– Traditional group fitness/aerobics


Sometimes it does take awhile for our members to believe that we use to teach body pump and dance fitness classes. And yes, once Taylor did kick me off the stage because he needed more room for his jump spins…true story!


The point is, when it comes to fitness we have been relentless in creating a model that is sustainable, educational and produces long terms results for our members.


Our business mentor Robert Herjavec is quoted in saying, “A good business always tries to solve a problem”. We feel the successful ones – find the solutions.


We started to look at all the problems with the traditional model:


1 – High prices for private training are unsustainable for most.

Personal training is an elite product. Yes, I said it and here’s why. According to the research only 5% of gym members can afford this option. It makes me wonder how the other 95% of members experience fitness on their own. Options are all based on what you can pay versus what you need.


2 – No programming.

This is HUGE. Your results lie in your program. How effectively and frequently you are training is directly related to your results. Are you wasting your time at the gym when you could be getting a better workout and better results?


3 – No access to coaching.

Do you have a question? Is your knee bothering you during your squat? Would you like a substitute for a pressing exercise due to a pre-existing injury? What is the best post training meal to have? What should you eat before you train? How much water should you drink while training? What’s the proper form for a push-up? How much weight should you lift? These are all extremely important questions and you deserve answers.


4 – No injury prevention or rehabilitation for members.

How do you learn to warm-up? How do you cool down? Do you know how to perform soft tissue work? Where do you go if you have an injury question or issue while training?


5 – No Community.

The traditional gym model is based upon ‘Do it Yourself’ (DIY) fitness. After the signature hits the bottom of the contract, you’re on your own. This approach to fitness doesn’t work. We’ve been there, we’ve seen the results and there is a better, more effective way. No, you shouldn’t have to do it yourself.



Looking at all these issues, we started to understand why people got frustrated. We started to see within our own original model that $60-80 per session wasn’t sustainable. And in order to grow our business we weren’t willing to offer special discounted prices to new members and penalize our current dedicated members. We knew that experiencing fitness in this DIY style wasn’t the answer. We started to see the need for change.


So we decide to make the bold move to change everything as we knew it.


I’m going to make a huge confession. When Taylor first presented the idea of our current training model I thought it would never work. I just couldn’t see what he was seeing.

He is my 5’6 Steve Jobs, he thinks so far out of the box that we all like to hang on to (myself included).

No sessions? No designated trainer? No appointments? I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it, but I will tell you it has been the best business move we have ever made. As we watch our members thrive within our new system we started to notice how we were no longer seeing problems but solving problems!

Here is what we soon discovered with our unique approach:

1 – Our members no longer had to fit an appointment into their busy schedules. They came and trained when they wanted to AND still had a coach.

2 – Members no longer had to make a set time with a trainer so it eliminated the problem of not having availability or not being able to train during the popular times.

3 – We were able to coach every member every session. Although we had previously been working in a semi-private model, we still wanted to be able to provide members with coaching and advice EVERY session not just when they were “booked”.

4 – We redesigned and recreated programming that started to drastically improve our member’s lives. Our programming model changed to allow for frequent updates from our Program design team. We incorporated more functional movements which accelerated strength gains and movement while radically reducing body fat in our members.

5 – Members were training more and therefore getting better results!

6 – Members were making friends, training together and having fun.

7 – Members who were working with our physiotherapy clinic were seeing dramatic results in their rehabilitation.

8 – Members who enjoyed our classes enjoyed unlimited access and experienced solid group training program (not a show on a stage).


We wanted to create a place where members are always welcome, where new friends were made, while providing a social atmosphere linked to the common goal of physical conditioning.

# tt














We feel that there needs to be a change in the fitness industry and the way that fitness is delivered – Credibility shouldn’t be about how much gym equipment you have or how many members are ‘on file’ but about how your members experience fitness, training and how it improves their life. If you still pay a monthly fee for DIY fitness, you have to ask yourself if it’s really working and if you want a guarantee of a better way to train.

At Taylored Training we believe some things in life should be guaranteed (click the link below for details):