ASU football faces big challenge in slowing

ASU football faces big challenge in slowing Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes

Texas Tech Red Raiders quarterback Patrick Mahomes II (5) scores against Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks safety Ahmad Muhammad (37) in the first half at Jones AT Stadium on September 3, 2016 in Lubbock, Texas.(Photo: Michael C. Johnson USA TODAY Sports)In all his years in football, Arizona State coach Todd Graham has faced the “Air Raid” offenseseveral times.The best he’s seen operating it: Former Houston quarterback Case Keenum. In Conference USA, Keenum tortured Graham’s Tulsadefenses, once accounting for seven touchdowns in a 70 30 win.That’s why Graham makes it clear: When he says Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes II is in Keenum’s “ballpark,” it is high praise, a challenge the Sun Devils must conquer to win Saturday’s clash at Sun Devil Stadium.”The best guy in the world is who you’re playing next,” Graham said, taking a jab at traditional coach speak, “but this guy, Mahomes is a special quarterback.”No one knows this betterthan Matt Williamson. As defensive coordinator at Stephen F. Austin, Williamson spent the entire summer preparing for Mahomes. Result: The junior quarterback last Saturday threw for 483 yards, accounting for six touchdowns in a 69 17 Texas Techwin.GET THE ASU APP:iPhoneAndroidNot surprisingly, awell known NFL scout already has pegged Mahomes 6 foot 3, 230 pounds as a dark horse Heisman Trophy candidate. Asked if the quarterback is worthy of such loftyhype, Williamson on Tuesdaydidn’t hesitate.”Absolutely,” he said.Here’s why:To prepare for last Saturday’s opener, Williamson watched eight Texas Tech games from last season. He quickly realized the obvious: Mahomes is elusive.halsløft Sacking him in the pocket is a rarity. In fact, of the games Williamson watched, Mahomes was sacked only threetimes. He estimated that 75 percent of Mahomes’passes (aside fromthe bubble screens) came from outside the pocket, so Stephen F. Austin’s game plan against Texas Tech was fairly simple:Keepthe quarterback contained, forcehim up in the pocket instead of to the outside. At the same time, he knows where his receivers are at all times, a quality Texas Tech coachKliff Kingsbury showed in a tweet duringspring practice. The first play shows Mahomes throwing a no look pass right after the snap. Last year, Mahomes became just one of five quarterbacks in FBS history to passfor 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns, while rushing for at least 450 yards and 10 touchdowns.But there’s more to it.”When I say elusive, it’s not like he’s some unbelievable athlete that just makes people miss,” Williamsonsaid.”He’s just very aware of the people around him and the pressure he’s facing and how to step up and how to pump fake to basically make people miss.”Aside from Mahomes’ talent, this shows a Texas Tech weakness: The offensive line. The Red Raiders lost three starters from last year’s front, which helped produce the nation’s No. 2 passing offense (behind Washington State, another Air Raid team). Against Stephen F. Austin, Texas Tech started redshirt freshmen at both tackle positions, and at times, it showed.This could help ASU, known for its attacking ways. Or it could hurt. While Mahomes is buying time, extending plays, ASU’s defensive backs will have to stick withtheir receivers longer, which could be a problem for asecondary that is trying to build confidence after an awful 2015 season.”You watch their receiverson film, they run their routes and probably 60 percent of the time, most of their routes are done, and once they see himscramble, they take off and run vertical and different routes,” Williamson said.”They’re just used to him doing that.”TUESDAY PRACTICE REPORT: N’Keal Harry’s strong startWilliamson knows what you’re thinking. “Yeah, but that was Stephen F. Austin. A bigger school has better athletes, better defensive backs.” That’s why he quickly adds: “When we watched all the other teams in their league, they had the exact same issues we did.”Finally, there’s Mahomes’ arm. He is the son of Pat Mahomes, a right hander who pitched parts of 11 seasons in the major leagues. The younger Mahomes played baseball at Texas Tech until January, when he decided to give it up and focus on football.On the football field, he’s put the arm to good use. Graham saidMahomes “just flicks it, and it can go 40 yards.”And that’s if he’s off balance.”He doesn’t have to be set to throw,” Williamson, the Stephen F. Austindefensive coordinator, said. “We had a guy who was in his face mask and we were leaning on him and he’s on his back foot and he threw a 65 yard fade route to the field (side) with no problem at all. It was unbelievable.”

3 First Coast residents tell story

3 First Coast residents tell story of brutal Allied invasion of Normandy during World War II

The mightiest invasion fleet the world has ever seen sat in waters in and around England as rain and wind battered the fleet during the night of June 5, 1944.

Three million men waited for the word that would unleash the fury of the fleet restrained by anchor like a bulldog anxious to break its chain.

Amid the armada of men and ships were three First Coast residents, destined to take part in a battle on which the fate of millions of Europeans rested.

Seventy years ago Friday, Harold Baumgarten was stuck in the bowels of the SS Empire Javelin with the rest of the 1st Battalion, 116th Infantry Regiment, part of the famed Stonewall Brigade of the 29th Infantry Division.

Less than a month earlier, he’d caught a glimpse of a clay model of his company’s daunting objective.

“I saw these pillboxes were up 30 feet above the beach and the trenches were up 30 feet above that about 50 or 60 feet above the beaches with three machine guns in those trenches,” Baumgarten said. “Half of the beach, the beach was 300 yards deep at low tide, was covered with these diabolical obstacles.

“That’s when I wrote to my sister Ethel and said don’t expect me home.”

Seaman Chester “Chet” Galbraith was aboard LST 53 in the small harbor of Fowey, England. The LSTs were 382 foot long vessels used to carry tanks, troops and supplies. Galbraith’s LST also carried LCVPs known as Higgin’s boats that would ferry soldiers, like Baumgarten, onto Omaha Beach.pandora jewellery

“It was kind of ironic that we were carrying troops from the same division my father fought with in World War I,” Galbraith said.

As the squall moved through the gray dreary towns of eastern Britain, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower’s meteorologists announced their forecast.

They expected a break in the weather on the morning of June 6.

American and British paratroopers dropped into Normandy overnight to cut off the bridges and railroads the Germans would use to counterattack the invasion.

Due to the cloudy skies and Nazi anti aircraft fire, the airborne troops were scattered miles from their intended drop zones, far behind enemy lines.

Galbraith headed for Normandy on LST 53.

“On June 6, we got underway and went across the channel,” he said. “We were in a convoy and there were a lot of ships behind us. Empire Javelin and into his LCA (Landing Craft Assault) for the three hour trip to Omaha Beach.

“When the boats hit the water, they were thrown around like matchsticks,” Baumgarten said. “Every guy was immediately soaked with that ice cold English Channel water.

“The British boats were very low to the water, so the water just kept coming in.”

The men battled for three hours to keep the ship afloat.

“Our feet were frozen, guys were vomiting. They issued seasick pills and three barf bags to each guy, but the guys missed the bag,” he said. “So we were bailing out vomit and water for three hours.

“It was a miserable trip in.”

The pre invasion shelling of the beach was woefully ineffective, leaving the German defenses on Omaha nearly intact.

The ships had to remain out of reach of the German coastal guns, causing much of their fire to fall short. The Navy also couldn’t carry out an extended bombardment because it would tip off the Germans to the invasion and allow them time to bring up their dreaded Panzer (tank) divisions.

Aerial bombing that was supposed to give the men “ready made foxholes,” as Baumgarten put it, fell well inland due to bad weather and fear of hitting the troops heading for shore.

To the west, on Utah Beach, Pvt. Samuel Muldrew of the 4132nd Quartermaster Service Company, attached to the 1st Engineer Special Brigade, approached shore.

“The tide was out, we had a heavy load, but when the net dropped down, it was, ‘Get going!'” the Morven, Ga. native said. “You don’t have time to think about how deep the water is, but some guys drowned.

3 Global Challenges That China Can Lead the Way on at the G

3 Global Challenges That China Can Lead the Way on at the G

presidential election with Donald Trump’s naked protectionist and anti globalization slogans. Worryingly, in July, the International Monetary Fund lowered its forecast of world GDP growth to 3.1 percent in 2016 and 3.4 percent in 2017.

To arrest the downward momentum and restore the world economy to a trajectory of robust growth, the G 20 needs resolute leadership and strong policy actions. Since the G 20 economies account for roughly 85 percent of the global GDP, 80 percent of world trade and two thirds of the world population, there is no doubt that the G 20 plays a decisive role in shaping the fortunes of the world economy.

China can leverage its leadership of the G 20 to prod leaders to meet three critical challenges facing the world: reviving global economic growth, countering protectionism and mitigating climate change.

First, China should call for bolder and more comprehensive growth strategies. Yet this has so far had only muted and disappointing impact on output, inflation and employment. China will call for the G 20 governments to take stronger fiscal actions to stimulate aggregate demand because it believes that fiscal policy, even in countries facing public debt pressures, can and should play an important role in shoring up economic growth.

In particular, there is room to increase public investment in most G 20 countries. Many G 20 members that are emerging economies like Brazil, India and Indonesia continue to suffer severe infrastructure bottlenecks. Public investment programs, if they’re well planned and implemented, can not only boost demand in the short term, but also contribute to higher productivity in the long term.

The case for expanding public investment is further bolstered by record low interest rates across much of the world. In addition, China is likely to encourage G 20 members to embark on strong structural reforms to remove impediments to growth, increase economic flexibility and financial resilience, and promote entrepreneurship and innovation. A comprehensive growth strategy incorporating monetary, fiscal and structural policies is likely to yield far better growth performances than monetary easing.

Of course, action speaks louder than words. China should lead by example by pursuing strong domestic reforms. If the second largest economy in the world can demonstrate tangible progress in tackling corporate debt overhang and industrial overcapacity and in managing its difficult transition to a sustainable growth model while containing downside risks the world economy will stand to benefit enormously.

Second, China and the G 20 should take a clear position against protectionism. After the first G 20 summit in 2008, leaders expressed strong and united oppositions to protectionism, a crucial policy stance that helped the world economy recover from the global financial crisis and forestalled a tragic replay of the Great Depression.

The G20 summit in Hangzhou should raise the guard against protectionism and reaffirm strong commitments to a multilateral trade system and renewed energy for a new round of global trade
China has a unique opportunity to lead the fight against protectionism. Beijing has made huge strides in economic rebalancing since the first G 20 summit: the economy is now driven by domestic demand, no longer by exports. Nevertheless, China should further speed up the opening of domestic markets to foreign companies and seriously address complaints about unfair trade practices, inadequacies in intellectual property protection and the uneven playing field for multinational companies that come to do business in China.

China should also significantly liberalize its services sectors and open its domestic economy more widely to foreign trade and investment. In particular, Western technology firms have born the brunt of China’s anti monopoly enforcement and its draconian cyber security restrictions. China should take steps to rebuild trust and investor confidence from the international business community. If China truly lives up to the high standards of economic openness, it would deny the opponents of globalization a major rallying cry.

Third, China and the G 20 should reaffirm political commitments to the Paris climate agreement and pledge concrete actions to meet national targets. China is already a global leader in renewable energy, especially in solar and wind power technology, but far more must be done to wean the country off dependence on coal.

China must continue to aggressively invest in clean technology in order to peak greenhouse gas emissions and increase non fossil fuel energy sources to 20 percent of total energy by 2030. China’s new five year plan has laid out a range of numerical targets and specific measures to address key challenges including climate change, air pollution, water and urbanization. The new plan will continue to strengthen China’s efforts to shift to a more sustainable growth model and deliver on its climate commitments. Refreshingly, China has shown keen interest in the use of market based instruments and carbon trading in particular to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced a plan to launch a nationwide cap and trade program in 2017.

China should be applauded for championing the idea of green finance within the G 20. By laying out an appropriate policy framework and providing the right incentives, the G 20 can encourage the financial sector to play a more prominent role in launching innovative financial products and channel capital to fund clean tech investments. China is becoming the global testing ground for innovative solutions to financing green growth, accounting for about half of the so called green bond issuance worldwide. At the G 20 summit, the Chinese leadership is expected to engage with other leaders to make green finance and sustainable growth a crucial component of global policy initiatives.

To be sure, there are many more hot topics China and other G 20 members might want to put on the agenda. But experience shows that the G 20 suffers from serious constraints in policy implementations. The more issues on the agenda, the less likely they will be addressed seriously. If the gap between G 20 policy statements and subsequent actions continues to widen, the G 20 might lose credibility and be reduced to an inconsequential talk shop. China would be wise to focus its presidency on several important areas where there is clear global urgency and likely global consensus, and where China is well positioned to make a difference.

China’s long track record of executing difficult reforms and generating fast economic growth has won the country global prestige and respect. In recent years, however, there are growing concerns about China’s scant progress in undertaking structural reforms. The G 20 summit in Hangzhou provides an opportunity for China to demonstrate its commitment to bold domestic reforms, which in turn lends China credulity and influence to provide global leadership in multilateral trade liberalization and climate change. China needs a successful G 20 summit as much as the world does.

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Andy Martin Andy Martin was born in London

Andy Martin Andy Martin was born in London, a mile down the road from West Ham United football club. He dreamed of playing at Upton Park but got sidetracked by (a) philosophy (b) Brigitte Bardot and (c) surfing. He studied at Cambridge, Paris, Hawaii, and Yallingup.

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Ronald Perelman was married to Robert Cohen daughter, Claudia Cohen in the 1980s. The two later divorced after having Samantha Perelman, their only child. Claudia Cohen, a gossip columnist for the New York Post, was later diagnosed with cancer and died in 2007.

Police make arrests in Wells Fargo robbery Amanda Williams and Michele CantyThree men who police say robbed a Wells Fargo bank Tuesday were arrested, according to police. Robert Carpenter Jr., 29, Kwame Montae Branch, 26, and Jamari Saunders Lewis, 18, all of , are each charged with robbery, burglary while armed, conspiracy to commit robbery and use of. Newport News spokesman Sgt.

A. Jennifer: Typically, students help organize the event, run the silent auction, sell merchandise like “DWTT” gear, hand out playbills and sell tickets. I think with students who were in eighth grade when this started and are now seniors, the lesson learned is so incredible.

If you firmly believe that you have deep regret that is based on the fact that you made a mistake with him, that a different story altogether. In life it certainly true that, at times, we don fully recognize the gifts certain people bring to our lives until it just too late. Once we separated ourselves from them or they are taken from us, we begin to recognize how extraordinary they really are and how others don fully measure up..

With respect to the Coal Ash Commission, we hold that the Legislature cannot constitutionally create that commission as an independent instrumentality of the state, independent of each of the three branches of government. We further hold that the Legislature cannot constitutionally force or direct the Governor to issue an executive order to implement ethical and conflict of interest rules for the commission. To require the Executive Branch to do so would be a direct encroachment into the Executive Branch and a direct violation of the principle of the separation of powers and Article 1, Section 6 of the North Carolina Constitution..

The trail specific Rail is a sharp looking

The trail specific Rail is a sharp looking, feature laden helmet. The 18 square vents feature the same kind of deep channels as the other helmets in the Giant line to push airflow. The body features an EPS shell tuned for high and low speed impacts, with extra coverage around the occipital area, and a tough, polycarbonate shell..

Starting in Golden, you ride up Lookout Mountain, a short but steep climb and local favorite, according to Carmichael. The nine mile climb gains nearly 2,000 vertical feet before plunging all the way back down to Denver. Less motivated riders looking to keep it in the city limits will find Denver is a bike lover paradise with plenty of painted bike lanes, cycling friendly motorists, and a burgeoning bike share program.

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The basic truth is that trainers constantly operate in gray areas, with horses suffering from vague, unidentifiable ailments and problems. It is a job built on guesswork, not black and white science. Anyone second guessing a training regimen is inferring that he knows more about the horse than the trainer.

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It was Dole, too, who introduced the plantation style architecture to the island. It’s a time capsule from the 30s.The buildings are now mostly owned by Larry Ellison and leased by the shopkeepers.The Challenge at Manele golf course on Lana’i. Photo / SuppliedThere’s a great selection of eateries here, many of them family businesses and each with their own speciality.

acteur sauve bernache du Canada à Vancouver

acteur sauve bernache du Canada à Vancouver

AnAmerican acteur qui a joué un psychopathicvillain dans thetelevision drame Prison Break a un faible pour Vancouver et un amour des Canadiens en particulier les oies.

Robert Knepperwas dans la ville recentlyto tirer un renouveau de la série Prison Break qui a couru sur la FOX de 2005 à 2009. Dans un post sur sa page Instagram, le 57 ans décrit comment il a sauvé un de Vancouver ‘s habitants à plumes.

Knepper, dit-il et sa femme revenait de dîner après ‘dire au revoir pendant un certain temps à l’une de nos villes préférées,’ quand ils ont vu une oie du Canada clippedby une voiture à un busyintersection.

L’acteur, qui reprendra son rôle comme le mal ‘T Bag’ Bagwell, dit theypulled sur et avec l’aide de gants prêtés à partir d’un superviseur de transit et une case prévue à bya restaurant à proximité, ramassé l’oiseau blessé et il a fallu à un animal abri.canada goose pas cher

Knepper a placé son propre coton ouaté sur thegoose pour l’empêcher de andsays en difficulté lorsque la veste a été retourné, il n ‘était pas pleine de fientes de poule comme il s’y attendait, butinstead contenait une seule plume.

En hispost, Knepper dit qu’il a pris cela comme un signe de bonne volonté de l’oiseau blessé.

‘Hey, merci de prendre le temps d’aider quelqu’un qui a pris un mauvais tournant’, écrit Knepper, comme il imagine ce que l’oie hébété aurait pu penser.

L’acteur Ohio, dont le caractère Prison Break a fewgood résultats dans la série TV, alsoextends ses propres grâce au superviseur de transit, le répartiteur et le personnel BC SPCA à l’hôpital des animaux pour des rôles de soutien dans le dénouement heureux.

Parfois, la vie nous rappelle quel sentiment il est beau de se soucier des autres. Dire au revoir pendant un certain temps à l’une de nos villes préférées, ma femme et moi avons été conduite à la maison d’un grand dîner à SavioVolpe. Près du coin des rues Main et Terminal, nous avons vu une oie seule Canadienne tout par son solitaire dans une petite zone herbeuse devant un Macdonald ‘s, en pensant à lui-même,’ WTF? I ‘m dans le milieu de la!%? Ville, loin de ma maison!’ L’oie a essayé de prendre la fuite, mais ne pouvait ‘t tout à fait clair en haut d’une voiture venant en sens inverse et a été coupé en dessous. Il / elle est tombée dans la rue et clopinant vers le Macdonald’ Lit de fleurs s. Sans hésitation, le fils d’un vétérinaire et sa femme un «amant de toutes les créatures grandes et petites’ tiré un ‘U-à-dire’ au prochain feu, puis carénés sur le parking du Macdonald ‘. Tout à coup, l’humanité se sont réunis pour aider cette pauvre oie. un vrai gentleman nommé Chris Berg, qui est un superviseur de transit pour ‘s Vancouver Coast Mountain Bus Company, nous a donné une paire de gants pour protéger nos mains pour la prise. Ma femme a couru dans Macdonald ‘s pour une boîte assez grande pour contenir l’oie. Ils étaient impatients et désireux d’aider. Chris, Nadine et je parqué l’oiseau. Nadine a attrapé. Je jeté mon sweat à capuche sur l’oie. Nous avons mis l’oie dans la boîte et il a conduit à la clinique vétérinaire d’urgence le plus proche (informations fournies par un répartiteur caring à Vancouver BCSPCA). on nous a assuré qu’ils transporteraient l’oie à WRA (Association Wildlife Rescue). l’une des infirmières à la clinique d’urgence ont pris la boîte enregistrée avec l’oiseau choqué dans une arrière salle d’examen et ramené ma capuche. Quand nous sommes rentrés à notre hôtel, je secouais mon hoodie, attendant une charge d’oie merde. au lieu de cela, une plume d’oie solitaire tombait doucement sur le sol. Je ‘d aiment à penser qu’il était un signe de l’oie en disant:’ Hey, merci de prendre le temps d’aider un organisme qui a pris un mauvais virage. ‘ Merci à tous ceux qui ont aidé ce soir.

3 approaches for managing ADHD behaviors in children

3 approaches for managing ADHD behaviors in children

(BPT) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently published new recommendations for helping children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to reduce associated behaviors, which can include hyperactivity, restlessness, and emotional dysregulation. The leading public health institute’s recommendation is behavior therapy before starting a prescription drug regimen, which often includes stimulant based medications. Behavior therapy provides tools for parents to help their child with ADHD learn self control and boost their self esteem. The CDC’s recommendations come at a time when more than 60 percent of children aged 4 17 who are diagnosed with ADHD are taking prescription medication.

“The latest CDC recommendation is not surprising. Just as every child is different, so are the expressions of ADHD and the approaches that are designed to help alleviate varying behaviors. Not every child should be prescribed medications at the onset,” said Robert D. “Behavior therapy and prescription drugs are only two of several options for parents wanting to help their children. Approaches range from lifestyle modifications to brain training techniques as well as several different methods in between all in an effort to help a child with ADHD find balance in their lives.”pandora jewellery

If your child is living a sedentary lifestyle, eating lots of processed foods and getting only a few hours of sleep each night, you should be working with your health care practitioner to develop a personalized fitness diet sleep regimen. Regular exercise can help increase neurotransmitters, like dopamine, in the body, which may increase a child’s ability to focus. In addition to regular exercise, offer your child nutritious foods and snacks that are packed with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. For children with ADHD, poor sleep patterns may intensify ADHD behaviors.

Unlike dietary supplements that are intended to enhance wellness by supporting normal bodily function in healthy populations, medical foods are designed to manage distinct nutritional deficiencies that are associated with certain diseases and health conditions, including ADHD. Since children with ADHD are often overly emotional, excitable and irritable, parents may consider Vayarin. This medical food is comprised of a proprietary composition of phosphatidylserine (PS) attached to omega 3s enriched with Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). This composition makes it easier for omega 3s to move into the brain.

Research has shown that PS Omega 3 medical food can be taken alongside stimulant medications. According to a new retrospectivestudyconducted at Texas Child Neurology and Children’s Health Services, patients diagnosed with ADHD who took PS Omega 3 medical food reported a reduction of ADHD behaviors and, of these patients, nearly a third were able to reduce their ADHD medication while on the medical food. Reducing stimulant medications may help to reduce undesirable side effects in individuals with ADHD.

Retaining information long enough to accomplish a specific goal can be a challenge for children with ADHD. Working memory training is used just as its name indicates to help train the memory system to remember information for longer periods of time. In addition to using memory games such as flash cards, there are a number of apps and tools available to help your child build a stronger working memory. This type of training can give children with ADHD the ability to solve problems and more easily adapt to situations, as well as have better awareness of social cues.

Hoe kan een collega een leven

‘Hoe kan een collega een leven?’ vroeg Kennedyville boer en outfitter Floyd Prijs van Vonnies in Kennedyville. Drie jaar geleden had hij 171 jagers geboekt voor de grote dag; Dit jaar heeft hij acht. Hij vreest voor zijn bijbehorende restaurant, motel en sportartikelen bedrijf, en niet te vergeten duur op lange termijn jacht huurt hij is verplicht om te eren ..

Enorme kolonies buiten de Britse eilanden, delen van Scandinavië en Frankrijk zijn goed voor de rest. Jan van genten zijn duik duikers, vouwen hun vleugels en kelderende in de oceaan van zo hoog als 130 voet. Hun enorme omvang en voedingsgewoonten maken ze het makkelijkst van de pelagische soorten te zien vanaf het land ..

Fall is een geweldige tijd om naar te kijken voor roofvogels, omdat de Lower Mainland is een belangrijk overwinteringsgebied voor deze vogels. canada goose jas sale Rond vogel feeders, Cooper ‘s haviken, amerikaanse sperwer en soms ook de Merlin (een kleine valk) zal verschijnen. De eerste twee zijn Accipiter die gespecialiseerd zijn in het vangen van vogels.

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eager to see what Shaq Lawson can do for Bills

eager to see what Shaq Lawson can do for Bills

Shaq Lawson grew into a 6 foot 3, 269 pound defensive end. The Buffalo Bills drafted Lawson in the first round Thursday night, making him the latest Shaq to follow Shaquille O’Neal’s size 23 footsteps into the major leagues.

“He was a hell of a player at Clemson,” O’Neal told me Saturday night from the Turner Sports “Inside the NBA” set in Atlanta. “I think he’s going to do big things in Buffalo, has the potential to come in and dominate early. The sky’s the limit for him. I can’t wait to see him play.”

There are many Shaquilles now. They’ve been surfacing throughout college and pro sports for a few years now.

That’s how O’Neal and Lawson struck up a relationship.

“I have Google alerts any time ‘Shaq’ comes up,” said the 7 foot 1 O’Neal, who was listed at 325 pounds during his career. “The past four or five years I think I’ve ran into about 150 athletes named Shaq Shaq Lawson kept coming up.Canada Goose Outlet

“So I’ve known who he was and been a fan of him. I’m most proud of him.”

There might be 100,000 kids named after Michael Jordan out there, but nobody would know unless they announced it.

Inspiration for the name Shaquille is pretty obvious.

“It makes me feel pretty good,” O’Neal said. “When I was coming up it was an unpopular name. I got teased a lot. People would pronounce it ‘Sha qwill,’ call me ‘Sasquatch.’ But now it’s becoming a common name.”

Lawson is the seventh NFL Shaq. There hadn’t been any before 2014. There wasn’t another until Shaquille Johnson played basketball at Marshall University 19 years later.

The site now lists 40 college football and 23 college basketball players named Shaquille, Shaquiell, Shaquill, Shaquil, Shaquelle, Shaqquan, Shaquem, Shaquery or plain Shaq. None predates 2008.

Shaq Thompson was drafted in two sports. The Boston Red Sox drafted him to play the outfield in 2012, but he didn’t make it past the Gulf Coast League.

The Carolina Panthers took Thompson in the first round last year. He started at strong side linebacker in the Super Bowl.

“I told Reebok we should sign up all the Shaqs,” said O’Neal, possibly joking. “They said they were going to look into it.”

The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective, using name data available through WolframAlpha, found 4,073 Shaquilles were born from 1992 through 1995. The peak was 1,784 in 1993.

The Harvard group also found 7,551 newborn Kobes, coinciding with the emergence of Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, from 1998 through 2003, with a peak of 1,551 in 2001.

So a Kobe outbreak likely is headed to college sports in a few years.

Athletes aren’t the only namesakes. There weren’t any Denzels in college football or basketball until 18 years after Denzel Washington’s performance in “Glory” brought his first Oscar Award. There have been 44 Denzels since 2007. Three Denzels have reached the NFL.

“My mother, when she had me out of wedlock, kind of became an outcast in the family for a little while,” O’Neal said. “My grandmother once she saw me knew I was going to be special. She would tell everybody at church, ‘This one right here’s going to be special.’

“My mother said she knew I was going to be different. So she wanted to give me a different name. She met a guy in downtown Newark, and he gave her a book of Muslim names to look through. She just picked that name out.”

O’Neal vaulted the name to prominence. He was the NCAA player of the year at Louisiana State, the NBA’s top draft choice in 1992 (two years before Lawson’s birth) and a 15 time All Star. O’Neal won three championships with the Lakers and another with the Miami Heat. He will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in September.

Inside his first four seasons with the Orlando Magic he also starred in motion pictures “Kazaam” and “Blue Chips,” had his own martial arts video game, “Shaq Fu,” and went platinum with his debut rap album, “Shaq Diesel.”

“When I was coming up,” O’Neal said, “everybody was comparing me to Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Bill Russell. I made a conscious effort not to try to be like those guys or better than those guys. I just wanted to be myself.

by Whitney Garrah