Fat Loss Tip #9 – Don’t Weigh Yourself!

This is probably THE most important concept when it comes to success with fat loss.

Don’t use the scale. It’s not the best way to measure your progress.

Here’s the thing.

Weight on the scale measures your total body composition including your water, muscle and bone mass.

If you lose 10 pounds on the scale, unless you do a body composition test, you might be losing vital muscle and bone.

When people drastically reduce calorie intake it is very common to lose weight on the scale without knowing they are also losing vital muscle and bone mass! *Not good for anyone, but especially women!

In an ideal world, any ‘weight’ loss on the scale would exclusively be body fat (trust me, I wish I could make this happen for you!) but that’s just not the case; especially without the presence of training to increase muscle mass and strength.

This infamous “10 pounds” that everyone wants to lose or that random goal weight that people get so stuck on does the opposite for their fitness goals – it leads to frustration and ultimately giving up, so PLEASE don’t get caught in the scale trap!!!


So how to we measure progress at my studio? With pictures, measurements AND more importantly how much stronger our members feel!scale 2

Author: Whitney

Female Fitness Coach, Writer and Entrepreneur changing the way women experience fitness and health!