The Latest Awesome Fitness Reads!

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Surfing around the internet on Sunday morning made me come to the grand conclusion that it’s no wonder the average person gets incredibly confused when it comes to learning about health and fitness.

Eat paleo, don’t eat paleo, have cheat days, don’t have cheat days,  train deadlifts, don’t train deaf lifts…you get the idea.

Here  is how we are going to provide you with the BEST information. We are going to point you in the right direction of what to read in order to get top notch info we think you would like to know!

Our team at Taylored Training is constantly reading, analyzing and researching information that we want to share with you!  This is on top of the content that we also write and publish!

And without further adieu…

1) Why you should never listen to Dr. Oz (ever!)

2) For the Millionth Time Spot Reduction is just a myth!

3) No More Girly Fitness Bullshit (every woman who trains needs to read this!)

4) The 4 Biggest Lies of the Biggest Loser

5) This is what it means to ‘lift like a girl’.

6) How other athletes can fight the effects of aging.

7) How lifting weights can help you keep the weight off

8) Exercise doesn’t just alleviate depression, it can help prevent it

9) It’s never too late!

10) Everything we thought about motivation is wrong.