Do you love your physique?


“I wish my legs where thinner”


“I wish my arms were leaner”


“I wish my butt was nicer”



Let’s face it. We all tend to focus on what we want to change about our bodies and rarely do we celebrate and appreciate what we have and what we love.


So what dictates this psychological mindset that so many us have?


Is it because of the media pressuring us to look a certain way? Or do we place these expectations upon ourselves in order to construct a so-called finish line to happiness?



I don’t think it’s an easy question to answer but I do think we can instead focus on how to change the way we think and ultimately the way we feel.


Here’s the thing that I am certain of.


Our attitude is a decision. It is a choice. How we choose to feel about our body is ultimately up to us.


I’ll give you an example.


Taylor presented at the Arnold Classic a few years ago. The Arnold is one of the biggest body building competitions in the world. One morning at breakfast, he found himself sitting with a group of female competitors. When I talked to him on the phone later that morning, I jokingly said, ‘Geez life is really rough, breakfast with 10 incredible hot female fitness competitors to start your day…’ How he responded really surprised me. He replied by saying that in actuality his breakfast was filled with constant complaints from these athletes about how their stomach was flabby, or their legs weren’t lean enough, which completely shocked me having seen pictures of how incredibly fit and gorgeous these competitors were in pictures from their show. You see, even these women who were incredibly fit to an extreme standard STILL had a negative mindset when it came to their physique. Surprising, isn’t it?


Perhaps the better question to ask then, is whether or not we will ever be 100% happy with our physique? I think we are all led to believe that ‘one day’ when we have a six pack, or fit into a certain size of jeans, that a huge ray of light will shine down upon us, we will then be filled with nothing by admiration for our bodies and then, THEN we will be filled with eternal happiness.


No. I just don’t think so.

cindy crawford

Recently Cindy Crawford was published in a magazine with  this unedited picture. I think that this picture  presents an extremely important statement. A statement we shouldn’t ignore. It speaks volumes about how we need to change the negative internal dialogue that runs through our heads on a weekly, daily and perhaps hourly basis. This fashion icon has decided that enough is enough and I think that is pretty spectacular.


I’ve shown quite a few of our female Taylored Training members this picture. They all respond with similar comments, ‘She’s beautiful’ and ‘Good for her!’. How easy it is for us to look at this picture and celebrate a real, unedited picture of a woman’s physique, but yet turn around and degrade our own physique? Funny that.


Here’s the thing I want to highlight, because it is really important.


This pictures doesn’t represent that you should just be happy in the skin your in, give up on fitness, not worry about eating healthy, training or working on your fitness goals. I think this is actually a horrible mandate. Everyone needs to train to improve strength, mobility, confidence and most importantly their health. What I am saying to women out there who train and eat clean, is that in order to achieve success with your physique, fitness and life goals, you need to first appreciate, love and honor the body you have.


Cindy Crawford, for example, has an incredible active and healthy lifestyle as highlighted in this article  She takes care of her health; strength trains daily, eats clean and focuses on a healthy lifestyle. She looks incredible and she does not NEED a six-pack in order to feel and look beautiful.


I’ve been there too. I’ve been furious with Taylor for posting facebook or instagram pictures of me without my almighty ‘approval’ and every time he has been patient simply responding that he loves me and just likes to post pictures of his family. Does he care that it might not be my ‘best angle’? No. So I realized I needed to get over my insecurities and appreciate that I have someone who loves me who isn’t looking for an airbrushed model (Note, I do know this is ironic, seeing as how he is a photographer…lol).


When it comes to fitness goals I am ALL for setting specific goals and on a daily basis I focus my time on educating and coaching my clients on the best ways to achieve their goals. I love seeing women with ripped arms, muscular legs and beautiful glutes! It’s awesome to help these women realize what they can accomplish with their training and how they can transform their bodies but more importantly their mindset. For all the fit and active ladies out there, instead of ONLY focusing on what we want to change why don’t we focus on loving and appreciating how amazing our bodies are and enjoy the transformation process?

I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve heard a member say to me, ‘at first is was all about looking better, now I realize it’s more than just that’. We call that, ‘getting it’.

Train your body, fuel your body and appreciate the incredible beauty of what you already have on the road to achieving each and every one of your fitness goals. Trust me, enjoying the process and celebrating your training victories on a daily basis will be the ultimate way to happiness, which can’t be found in a six pack.



Author: Whitney

Female Fitness Coach, Writer and Entrepreneur changing the way women experience fitness and health!