Fat Loss Tip #1 – Wake up and Drink Water!

Quick! What’s the most critical nutrient for growth, development and health?





When you sleep you are in a completely fasted state (unless you have a tendency to sleep walk to the kitchen…). While breakfast refers to the first meal to ‘break your fast’, also remember to drink up – and water should be your first choice!


I’m guilty as charged of wanting to hit up a cup of coffee first thing when I wake up. As of late I’ve made the commitment to fill my big cup with water and drink it BEFORE I start making my early morning cup of goodness (aka my coffee).

It’s hard to say enough good things about water. As the primary fluid in your body, water serves as a solvent for minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose and many other nutrients. Without water you can’t even digest these essential nutrients, let along absorb and use them. Water also transports waste products out of the body and is a part of the lubricants in your joints that keeps them moving, On top of all these awesome things, when your body temperature starts to rise, water takes on the role of a coolant.

Specifically with regard to fat loss water can help you get and stay lean. If you are dehydrated, the kidneys need backup and turn to the liver for help. Since the liver mobilizes stored fat for energy, if it’s too preoccupied with assisting the kidneys, the liver can’t do its fat burning job nearly as well (and we don’t want THAT to happen!).

In addition water intake can help take the edge off your hunger while adjusting your calorie intake to drop body fat AND it has 0 calories – BONUS!

Lastly as you start shedding your body fat in your metamorphousis to your new leaner self, as you burn off stored fatty acids as energy, you will release any fat soluble toxins that have been stored in your fat cells.The more H2O you drink, the more you dilute the toxins and kick them to the curb! This is the ONLY ‘detox’ you ever need to do – drink enough water and you’re covered!


Honestly, need I say more?


But how much you ask? The easiest way to see if you are drinking enough water is to check your pee. Yup. You want a mellow yellow or close to clear. If your pee is very dark in colour – it’s time to hit the water cooler stat!


Full disclosure; I actually can’t stand the taste of water in the morning. Any other time of day I’m down with it but not in the morning. So do I wake up excited to drink my cup of water? Not so much. BUT I know it’s important for my health AND I know that I have a warm cup of java waiting for me after!


Don’t forget you also intake a fair amount of water when you consume your fruits and veggies, so it’s another incentive to amp up your fruit and veggie servings throughout the day!


Lastly, I’m going to leave you with some easy ways to jazz up your water – give these a shot!


* Add some cucumber (it really does add a nice flavor!)

* Add some of your favourite fruit: oranges, strawberries, pineapple

* Try an iced herbal tea – David’s Tea has some amazing flavours

water with lemon


Author: Whitney

Female Fitness Coach, Writer and Entrepreneur changing the way women experience fitness and health!