The Secret to achieving your fitness goals.

I just returned from a weekend in Ottawa attending the Agatsu Kettlebell certification. It was an intense weekend and one that definitely progressed my kettlebell skills and technique.

I had some company this weekend, as one of our new coaches Abbie joined me for her very first fitness certification. She did an amazing job and killed her testing!

I posted some pictures of Abbie who was a client in March of this year and a picture of her executing an exercise called the bottoms up windmill this weekend at our course.

abbie before and KB

Since posting these pics I’ve gotten a lot of questions!


How’d she make that change? You mean she was out of shape before she started ?    She was a smoker? WHAT!?


And what everyone wants to know – how’d she do it!?

Abbie was featured a few months ago in this Huffington Post article. She credits the studio, our team and our community for helping make her phenomenal transformation, but there is more to it than just our coaching and programming.

First off, for anyone wanting to know her specific program, to answer that question:

Training: 4-5 classes a week at the studio.

Nutrition: Our TT Clean eating nutrition guidelines (which includes a variety of meal options and snacks).


When it comes to training, coaching and nutrition support, EVERY TT member has access to the best we have to offer. We promise that if you hit your training goals, dial in your nutrition and stay committed to that process you WILL hit your goals.


In hanging out with Abbie over the weekend she made me realize that there is one very important aspect that led to her success and that was her mindset.


She decided she WANTED to change.


I talk to a lot of people who tell me they really ‘want’ to feel better, they really ‘want’ to come to the gym, they really ‘want’ to see results and fit into their clothes better but the truth is they don’t really WANT it badly enough because they don’t make the time for it.


Let me put it this way. If I told you there was a last minute change to the schedule of an upcoming Brad Pitt movie and they needed extras in downtown Kingston this Friday – would you be able to shift your schedule to make that happen? I know I would!


It’s funny how we MAKE TIME for things we want to do, isn’t it?


We created Taylored Training to give everyone access to the best programming, coaching and nutrition education and support. We get it. Working out on your own isn’t fun. Paying $60-$100 every time you train isn’t sustainable. Drinking a liquid diet or an 800 calorie a day meal plan will leave you feeling like a pile of mush. So we created a place where you don’t have to go to extremes to hit your goals but you do have to make a committment.

 If you look at Abbie’s pictures and think you want to change your life you CAN make it happen – you just have to WANT TO.

Anything is possible when you make that decision and never look back.




Author: Whitney

Female Fitness Coach, Writer and Entrepreneur changing the way women experience fitness and health!