3 Brutally Honest Facts about Fat Loss & Fitness


1) You have to commit long-term.

THE best program is called consistency. It’s the truth. A 6 week bootcamp or protein shake diet is not going to give you sustainable results. If you want to change your physique and your fitness you have to take the plunge and make a commitment to yourself. For anyone who has followed us for the past 7 years you will notice we no longer offer short-term programs. Why? They just don’t work. Our most successful clients plan to make fitness a part of their lifestyle. If you commit to the long term process, results will come. Stop acting like living a healthy life is ‘weird’ and don’t listen when your friends tell you that your facebook posts about going to train are annoying. SHHHH SECRET: The real reason they find it annoying is that when they read your posts they are faced with evaluating their own fitness and most often coming to terms with their laziness! Don’t see training as a sacrifice or an obligation, see it as time well spent to make yourself feel better, move better and look better!

2) Nutrition is a big deal.

You can train all you want but what you eat has a huge impact on your results. Getting dialed into the right nutrition plan will allow you to have kick-ass training sessions and see spectacular results. Depending on your body type, your metabolic type, your training program and where you are starting from, nutrition is a make it or break it factor when it comes to success with your fitness, physique and performance.


3) How you train is also a big deal.

How you train is just as important as what you eat. If you are stuck on the same training program you’ve been doing for the past year, then guess what – it’s time for a change! You need to strength train to increase your muscle and your metabolism. You need to train intervals to improve your fat loss capability. You need to make sure you train with intensity and challenge yourself or else you will be disappointed with your results. If you’re going to put the time and effort in – make it count!

Just a small sample of some of our awesome transformations, some of which are still in progress!

abbie before and after






Gill before after

jen front


Megs Final Back

Lesley April to July back

Author: Whitney

Female Fitness Coach, Writer and Entrepreneur changing the way women experience fitness and health!