A year focused on everything opposite to what that the fitness industry tells you that you MUST do.

I’ve received a lot of emails and messages about what I’ve been focused on for 2019.

Did I set resolutions? What are my goals? What have I been up to? Am I doing Coach Taylor’s Health Odyssey ? What am I working on?

With the passing of my Mom just a week ago, I have been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish, what my goals are for this year and really, what our purpose is when it comes to our business, coaching and overall mission.

For my first post of this year I wanted to focus on what I have set out to accomplish this year and the goals I set for myself in December of last year.

Here is my list of how I’m going to take every thing you “should do” according to most fitness dogma and why it is important to learn about why following what “they say” can lead us down a path to frustration.


1 – “Eat small meals and snacks throughout the day.”

This is actually a system of nutrition coaching we use to teach! It WAS what the science had told us for many years WAS better for our health.

The idea was that if you ate smaller frequent meals you would be more satisfied and therefore not feel deprived during the day, allowing better control with your caloric intake.

Is it realistic to eat 6 small meals a day?  Does eating a “snack” of 6 almonds and half of an apple REALLY satisfy you? OR does it just lead to overconsumption, inconvenience and more frustration. What I know and what I can tell you is that I have never (in 20 years in fitness) had someone try intermittent fasting with good coaching and not feel better, feel less frustrated, see better results AND feel less stressed and overwhelmed with their eating. Myself included.

2 – “Take REST days and days off.”

This year as part of my commitment to our Taylored Training Warrior Academy I am moving EACH and EVERY day! January required a small goal of 1 Turkish get up/side and 2 push-ups, this month it is 2 TGU’s/side and 4 push-ups…you might see where we are going with this! Even if I don’t do a full training session, I incorporate movement into my day EVERY day and I haven’t felt this good in years. Yesterday included: 15 minutes on my pilates reformer around lunch time, my daily walk with our dogs and then after I finished a private training session I did 2-3 minutes on the indian clubs, bottoms up turkish get-ups and spent some time to design some new kettlebell flow for our programming. Even despite my 6am-6pm work day, I made movement happen! NO. Our bodies don’t need a “rest day” in fact, they operate better with more movement and purposeful well crafted training.

3 – “Strength train with weight machines or with barbells to increase strength like: deadlifts, squats, bench press and military press to get stronger.”

Yes, it’s true. I did at one point train like this in my teens…

I haven’t done traditional lifting in years or machine training (which I did used to do in my teens) for many years. The last time I did a bench press or barbell back squat was probably at least 2 years ago (more likely three)!

I train on my pilates reformer nearly everyday to work on my mobility and stability, I use the steel mace to help improve my shoulder and back health, as well as the TRX, kettlebells, dumbbells and the vipr. I box from time to time, do a lot of bodyweight mobility work and have started practicing the hacky sack (which I’m not great at, but learning!).

I don’t believe it’s ‘wrong’ to train these big lifts, but focusing just on more and more weight isn’t getting our population any healthier and moving better, so no, I don’t think it’s really working.

I am 39 years old and the stronger and most fit I’ve ever been. I wake up and can touch my toes, don’t have back pain and I’m working towards new movement and strength goals everyday and I love it.

And no, a bench press isn’t necessary in order to be strong and fit.

4 – “When you hit a certain age your mobility just ‘goes’”.

As I just mentioned I have some pretty BIG goals for this year which include doing a pistol squat, reclaiming my splits (it’s been a few years…) and next month I am start my training on the parallete bars as well as continuing to up my bodyweight ‘animal flow’ game. (just google search if anything I just said makes no sense..lol).

I HATE when people say, “I’m just getting older” “It’s what happens when you get old”.


No, you make choices everyday that will affect your health. We all can make different choices to make our health improve as we age.

5 – “Eat pre/post training supplements (bars, shakes, pre-workouts, take BCAA’s during workouts).”

Trust me, I used to consume a lot of quest bars and protein shakes for years. As someone who used to always coach and practice peri and post workout supplement usage, I haven’t had any supplements in about a year and will continue this practice for the year. In all honestly, the more I have read and researched supplements and the supplement industry, the more I see them for what they are, products that are sold with a lot of empty promises. Our bodies were designed to eat real food, so we should.

There you have it!

What I am working on this year and if you’d like to join me to improve your health this year I am starting my own coaching group where we can discuss ALL things related to women’s health at any age and stage in life!

Stay tuned:)


Author: Whitney

Female Fitness Coach, Writer and Entrepreneur changing the way women experience fitness and health!