Skin Rejuvenation, High Heels and Self-Care

Today we announced a brand new service at my studio that is starting in March – skin rejuvenation. (PS For more info and details you can CLICK HERE).

I am SO Excited to be launching this new service that aligns with our message and philosophy of preventative, natural and sustainable health care.

While it might seems perhaps ‘out there’, so to did our initial philosophies on barefoot training,  non-supplement and whole-food based eating (even though we have been contacted by Isagenix reps too many times to count…) as well as our strong stance on non-machine based fitness and physiotherapy.

So why start offering this new service? How does it align with everything we believe?

Over the past few months we have been working on researching and studying the effects of acupuncture for skin rejuvenation.

We started with treating post-surgery scars in the clinic (for both pain and aesthetic reasons) and then began researching the affects of acupuncture for the treatment for varicose veins, post stroke paralysis, bell’s palsy, acne and facial acupuncture to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

A study of 300 cases treated with cosmetic acupuncture. The results were overwhelming with 90 per cent of cases showing marked improvements with one course of treatment.

Recently I attended the Queen’s University Ted Talks with two of my team members. It was an inspirational and invigorating day with some pretty fantastic speakers, most of whom, I’m proud to say, were female.

As I sat in the audience, having been exposed to many world caliber speakers during my 8 years working for the Queen’s School of Business, I was incredibly impressed by the content, confidence and charisma that was displayed on that stage.  One of the speakers, a Taylored Training member, truly knocked it out of the park with an incredible talk on compassion fatigue, a topic that is very near and dear to my heart.

What I couldn’t get over, was how some these incredibly talented and brilliant women were carefully and at time awkwardly navigating the stage in their giant high heels, wearing copious amounts of make-up as they presented their message based on the topic ‘the edge’.

Now when it comes to make-up, I get it.  As a former dancer when I was on stage being filmed and performing under the lights it was a necessity, but as I watched these women I couldn’t help but wonder how as women we have gotten to a place where wearing uncomfortable shoes while wearing a mask to cover our own skin is just expected of us?

What made me focus on this aspect of the female presentations, I don’t know, but my guess is that the bright red circular carpet that was placed at the center of the stage really stood out to be visually, but also made me so terrified that one of these incredible women would catch a carpet string and bail hard!

Recently, Harpers Bazar posted this incredible link of top female celebrities going make-up free and I absolutely LOVE this message! Who knew Lady Gaga actually looked like this?!  I think she’s even MORE beautiful minus the mask.






While I know that I’m naive to think we can single handedly change the way women feel about their high heels and make-up what we can do is offer a non-surgical, natural an effective way for women to truly embrace the skin they are in!

Similar to taking care and enhancing the way you look with fitness, the same can be said with taking care of our skin! The best way to take care of your body is with quality nutrition and quality training and I think skin rejuvenation celebrates taking care of ourselves in the most natural and self-loving way.



Author: Whitney

Female Fitness Coach, Writer and Entrepreneur changing the way women experience fitness and health!