Let’s Talk Clean Eating

Today I wanted to chat about “Clean Eating” because I’m still a fan even though the term does seem to get demonized in the media these days.

Someone asked me the other day about ‘my take’ on clean eating so I thought I would share.

Clean Eating for me has two components:

Focusing on REAL, WHOLE food. Sure, the odd protein bar or shake can be convenient but to be honest you have to ask yourself why you are choosing to put something into your body that is composed of a lot of hard to pronounce, man made chemicals?  Now I have had my fair share of protein shakes and bars over my fitness journey but after taking them out of my diet  a few months ago, I can honestly say I really don’t miss them! I actually walked into a supplement store last week and was over whelmed by the artificial smell. It really made me realize that they just isn’t a need to have supplements in my diet and in fact I turned around and walked out of the store.  These days if I want something sweet I have a piece of fruit, dark chocolate or one of my favourite cookies from a local bake shop (which by the way smells MUCH better when you walk through the doors).

My Advice:

Instead of grabbing a bar, grab a piece of fruit or some nuts & seeds (and yes, salted are aok)!

Instead of worrying about your post workout window and how quickly you can guzzle down a protein shake, focus more time on getting in lots of water and adding in a few extra minutes to foam roll and stretch!

Instead of focusing on calculating out each gram of carbohydrate you eat and stressing that bananas, potatoes  will make you huge, enjoy some fruit, add in complex carbs (rice, homemade breads, quinoa…etc) and be mindful that yes, ‘it is ok’.  Heck, I have even recently started incorporating fresh bagels into some of my meals!

2. My clean eating philosophy is very strict. Everything I now eat is 100% clean and free of anxiety, guilt, shame or restriction. 

Don’t be afraid…Eating clean CAN taste good if you learn how!


Author: Whitney

Female Fitness Coach, Writer and Entrepreneur changing the way women experience fitness and health!