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Fat Loss Tip #10 – Forget about the past and move forward!

Here we are!  Fat loss tip #10.

If you have been over fat, if you have tried every diet and training program under the sun but have never achieved long-term success, than it’s time to leave your past behind and focus on your future;the one in which you achieve all your fitness dreams!

WIth over 15 years of coaching experience, trust me, this is a common obstacle. You can’t focus on the past, how you wish you wouldn’t have let your health go, how you wished you would have started sooner…Start on a new path today!

Find a good coach or a team of coaches who are educated, current and who are focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals!

‘The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.’

Chinese Proverb


Fat Loss Tip #9 – Don’t Weight Yourself!

This is probably THE most important concept when it comes to success with fat loss.

Don’t use the scale. It’s not the best way to measure your progress.

Here’s the thing.

Weight on the scale measures your total body composition including your water, muscle and bone mass.

If you lose 10 pounds on the scale, unless you do a body composition test, you might be losing vital muscle and bone.

When people drastically reduce calorie intake it is very common to lose weight on the scale without knowing they are also losing vital muscle and bone mass! *Not good for anyone, but especially women!

In an ideal world, any ‘weight’ loss on the scale would exclusively be body fat (trust me, I wish I could make this happen for you!) but that’s just not the case; especially without the presence of training to increase muscle mass and strength.

This infamous “10 pounds” that everyone wants to lose or that random goal weight that people get so stuck on does the opposite for their fitness goals – it leads to frustration and ultimately giving up, so PLEASE don’t get caught in the scale trap!!!


So how to we measure progress at my studio? With pictures, measurements AND more importantly how much stronger our members feel!scale 2

Fat Loss Tip #8 – Stick with 0 calorie drinks!

Stick with 0 calories drinks. Check out where most people make this fat loss mistake.







Liquids can seem very innocent yet…

Rum and coke                                              270 calories/40g sugar

Can of coke/pepsi                                     150 calories/40g sugar

Starbucks Green Tea Crème Frap    430 calories/68g sugar

Starbucks Vanilla Light Frap                180 calories/40g sugar

Starbucks Strawberry Smoothie        300 calories/40g sugarstarbucks

Don’t fall into the liquid calorie trap! As you can see, a quick afternoon ‘pick me up’ can turn into a high caloric sugar bonanza that can derail your hard earned progress.




Here are some liquid suggestions to keep you on track with your goals:


Water                                                                  0 calories of awesome

Iced/Hot Starbucks coffee                      3 calories of awesome (#love)

Iced/Hot Tea (herbal optional)             Minimal depending on blend

At the Bucks here are some other ‘go to’ drinks I recommend for a walk on the sweeter side:

Earl Grey Tea Misto (milk, sugar free vanilla shot, earl grey tea)

Iced Passion Tea (hold the lemonade)

Iced Green Tea

Caramel Iced coffee (1 shot sugar free caramel, iced coffee, splash of your favourite milk).

Bottoms up!





Chickpea Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies! (yeah, you read that right!)

Chickpea recipes have been all the rage on Pinterest these days and one of our TT members just told me how much she loved a recent weekend recipe trial she did (thanks Yolanda for the inspiration!)

I decided it was time to jump onboard the chickpea craze and test it out for myself!

I had some taste testers from the studio give me two thumbs up, and I really liked them since I can’t eat eggs and haven’t had a cookie in a long time! I hope you enjoy these as much as we did, and I’d love to hear what you think!

The main ingredient might surprise you!
The main ingredient might surprise you!

1 cup of canned chick peas

4 packets of splenda (you could also use stevia OR 1 tbsp of honey which would slightly adjust the nutrition)

2 tbsp of PB2 (Optional, be I like the flavour it gave them!)

Dark Chocolate Chips (your choice of how many, I put 2-3 per cookie, and for the sake of calculating this recipe used 16)

Blend in a mixer and place in small balls on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil. Bake at 350.

***You could also add in protein powder

Here are the nutrition details for this recipe that made 10 small Cookies:

25 calories/.7g fat/4g carbs/1.4g protein/1g fiber

Here are my little guys waiting to be eaten!
Here are my little guys waiting to be eaten!


Fat Loss Tip #7 – Journal your food

No. I don’t think you should journal your food forever BUT I do think it is a valuable tool when starting out with your goal for the following reasons:


1  – It can help  you learn about food and nutrition. 

Journalling your food and working with a good nutrition coach can accelerate the learning process when it comes to nutrition education. You can start to learn the nutrient information for what you are eating and how best to plan a  strategy to hit your fat loss goals.

2 – It will help you learn how much food and the right types of foods to consume, to hit your fitness goal(s).

Depending on your goal, what you’re eating has a HUGE impact on your success! Are you training for a sport? Are you training for a fitness show? Are you trying to decrease the likelihood of getting osteoporosis ? Are you prone to kidney stones and want to ensure you can prevent them? Are you looking for fat loss?

Your goal will dictate the total calories and total macronutrients that you need! Your training program, age, gender and body type of course will also come into play.

3 – It will keep you accountable and help understand what you need to work on!

When you work  with a coach and journal your nutrition as a team, you can work together to make sure you have a strategy for success.

Journalling coupled with nutrition coaching is an excellent way to ensure you have all the education, info and strategic planning needed for success!

Fat Loss Tip #6 – Focus on whole food eating!

This is an easy and effective way to ensure that you stay on track with your nutrition and on course to hit your fitness goals!

Whole food eating is built upon one important rule: If it’s processed, comes out of a bag or has more ingredients than you can count on your fingers – don’t eat it!

Now you will have some exceptions for foods that must come in a package such as eggs, meats, oatmeal etc…but I think you get the idea!

When it comes to including items like bread or sauces still try to go as natural as possible. Bread purchased from a local bakery will have far less ingredients, fillers and artificial flavours versus store bought bread. Try using spices, balsamic vinegars and olive oil to give your food optimum flavour! The same goes with peanut butter (the perfect compliment with a banana or an apple). There are a variety of nut butters that are natural and taste delicious or make your own!

apple and pb

Fat Loss Tip #5 – Don’t Eat Standing up

You’re in the kitchen, your mind is wandering off to your list of things to do or a conversation that is making you frustrated. Perhaps you missed a snack and you’re just feeling ‘hangry’ (you’re so hungry you are getting super grumpy!). You find yourself opening the cupboards, reaching for whatever is available and munching away. Before you know it you’ve eaten a cookie, a handful of popcorn and you  think, SHIT what did I just do!

Eating when you’re distracted, upset, stressed or in a rush is NOT a good approach when it comes to fat loss. It will lead you into poor food choices and ultimately derail your progress – and who wants to do that!

Because we've all been there...
Because we’ve all been there…

Here are some strategies to solve this habit. NOTE it is a habit and it just takes some practice to change this behaviour.

1 – If you are a muncher when you prep meals (like I am) stash a pack of minty gum in a kitchen drawer. Pop a piece in, and you’ll be less likely to munch as you prep!

2 – Drink water or make an herbal tea instead. Perhaps you’re just thirsty!

3 – Make a conscious effort to prep a meal or snack, sit down and then enjoy it. Eat slow and don’t eat standing up over a box of cookies, crackers or nuts. You will end up eating more then you intend on AND then feel too full (we’ve all been there, right?)

So when you are ready to  have a meal or snack, take a seat, enjoy your eats and remember to keep focused on your goals!

My Favourite Pizza Recipe

I love pizza.

A lot.

I’m going to share with you my favourite way to make pizza. Trust me, it’s pretty awesome!

What you need:

* large mushroom cap (I usually prep two!)

* tomato sauce or pesto

* Your favourite sliced protein (chicken, ham, pepperoni perhaps some bacon?)

* Your favourite veggies (onion, red peppers, broccoli)

* Your favourite Cheese (goat, mozzarella, cheddar)

*Your favourite herbs (cilantro, basil)

Top your mushroom caps with awesomeness, bake on a cookie sheet at 350 for about 10-15minutes until the cheese browns a bit.


mushroom cap pizza goodness!