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Maple Used by Leo Fender on the first ever solid body electric guitar (aka. the Telecaster), and has been used on guitars since, maple by nature is a medium hard and medium weight

wood type. It has worked well throughout the years, without causing the guitar to be too neck heavy. Some of Fender’s guitars also use maple to construct the guitar’s fingerboard.

Mahogany Mahogany wood has been used to construct almost all acoustic guitars since a very long time now.wholesale jerseys from china It is more ‘flexible’ than maple, as well as lighter. Above all, mahogany has an

extremely distinctive and dark natural color, which gives it an attractive contrast as compared to a maple top (or even a spruce one). Acoustic guitars also use mahogany to construct the back and

sides if the body.

Rosewood Rosewood is a tight grained, heavy wood, and comes in many different varieties the most well known of which is the Brazilian rosewood. Thanks to deforestation and over usage, the

Brazilian rosewood is now rare and expensive. Rosewood is also often used for fingerboard because of its smooth, hard surface. Paul Reed Smith guitars build electric guitars which sport rosewood

necks and many other acoustic guitars continue to use this wood to this very day.

Pau Ferro: The word means ‘iron wood’, Pau Ferro is considered to be the best alternative/replacement to the expensive and now rare Brazilian rosewood. It is heavy and nonporous which means

that it is extremely easy to apply finish on, and very popular for necks and fingerboards. A word of caution: Pau Ferro is known to be allergic among 15% of the world’s population!

Basswood: Used in economy acoustics as well as high end electric setups, basswood has a relatively side grain which makes it sifter than other woods. In addition, bass wood is also extremely

light; Parker Guitars coats basswood neck with carbon resin and the result is an ultra light and very strong result.

Set Neck: Or simply, set in necks, these types of necks are glued into place. This method has been in existence as long as acoustic guitars themselves, and is almost always used in acoustic

guitar construction. The Gibson Les Paul acoustic guitars are prime examples of set necks guitars. The neck is cut very carefully to match its mounting point on the guitar body and the two

sections are put together with dove tail joints in order to maximize the gluing surface.

Bolt on Neck: Very common on almost all solid body electric guitars out there. First introduced on the legendary Fender Telecaster, Leo Fender’s first ever electric guitar. However the

telecaster’s neck employed the use of four wooden screws to attach the neck with the body, and no bolts were used at all, ironically. Nonetheless, the name stuck and some manufacturers today do

actually use bolts. A custom guitar manufacturer Taylor developed a special bolt on design in which the head of the bolt is actually inside the body of the guitar.

Neck Through Body: Exclusive to solid body electrics, in this design, the neck is a part of the guitar’s body and extends the entire length of the instrument. Advanced designs use dovetail

joints or ‘dados’ which is a tab in one piece that fits into a slot in the other piece, to connect the full length neck to the body wings. According to the proponents of this design, the lower

mass of the body wings cuts down on low frequency resonance, with the guitar creating a bright and thin sound. Neck through instruments are ideal for high volume playing scenarios, where there is

a need for a clear low end. The Gibson Firebird for instance uses a neck constructed from mahogany, and the softer wood provides a warmer and a rounder tone. Neck through bodies were

characteristic of the early, experimental Les Paul guitars, which featured a 4 inch wood post that ran from the tail to the headstock. Sawed off guitar body halves were then glued onto each of

its 2 sides.

The shape of the neck is undoubtedly the most important personal aspect when choosing a guitar, as it is this which has a detrimental effect on the comfort of the guitar. It affects how the hands

and fingers fit the neck and how easily your fingers can move from fret to fret (additional read: How

to Master the Fretboard). The ‘C’ shaped neck is as old as the existence of guitars and has evolved over the time. We then have oval neck shapes, ‘U’ shaped necks (rectangular shaped necks

ideal for players with long fingers), and ‘V’ shaped necks (or inverted V) The normal V provides a comfy groove down the middle, while the latter thicker on the bass side (thinner on the treble).

return temporarily delayed

Jeff Owens hasn’t participated in a full practice in 11 months, and he nearly missed his triumphant return. He spent the weekend in New York and a weekend bomb scare at the airport delayed his return until Monday afternoon, arriving back in Athens just a few minutes before the team’s first meeting.

The hectic journey paled in comparison to the work he put in to rehab a torn ACL, however, but after one day of practice the effort seems to have paid off.

Georgia spent nearly three hours on the practice field Tuesday, the team’s first practice session with coaches since April. cheap nfl jerseys The players only donned shorts and practice jerseys and there was no contact, but brushing away the cobwebs still meant breaking a pretty hearty sweat.

“The first day’s always tough,” Owens said. “It was tough for me, but overall, I think it went pretty well on both sides of the ball. The guys competed and got after it.”

Tuesday not only marked Owens return from injury, but it was also the first chance coaches had to meet with Georgia’s incoming freshmen class.

The findings on Day 1 weren’t significantly different from the reports coaches had gotten from players throughout a summer of voluntary workouts the freshmen were prepared and eager to learn more.

“When you can walk into a meeting room for the first time with guys this morning and ask them some questions and they can fire the answer back at you, it certainly means a lot at this point,” tight ends coach John Lilly said.

Georgia will practice in shorts again today before putting on shells for the next three days of practice. Monday will feature two practice sessions, including the first with full pads and contact.

“It won’t be the same until you get into your first day of pads and contact,” safety Bryan Evans said. “We’ve been running all summer, but when you put on the weight and start banging on each other, that’s when you really see where our team is at physically.”

Sixteen freshmen got their first taste of life in the SEC when Georgia opened fall practice Tuesday, but lineman Kwame Geathers was not among them.

Geathers is still working to finalize his qualification, and the process of reviewing his materials is taking longer than expected, head coach Mark Richt said.

“He’s still going through his NCAA review,” Richt said. “He’s still jumping through hoops. Every hoop that’s been in front of him, he’s jumped through successfully to this point. We’re still very optimistic he’ll be here soon, but you can’t really predict how long (the review) will take.”

While the delay has caused some concern regarding Geathers’ eventual arrival, Richt said the school has not been made aware of any problems in the process thus far, but rather is simply waiting for the final approval.

“We’re very confident that everything’s going to go through,” Richt said. “We’ve not hit a wall, it’s just kind of a slow process.”

The Bulldogs’ first practice session may have been an eye opener for many of the new faces on campus, but freshman tight end Orson Charles couldn’t get enough.

After wowing his teammates during voluntary workouts this summer, Charles gave coaches a taste of his high energy approach, and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo was impressed.

“He loves to play.” Bobo said. “He wanted to take every rep. He didn’t want to sit out a single play. He’s hungry, and when the ball was thrown to him today, he made some catches. Green last year, but he made plays.”

The comparisons to Green are impressive enough, but the Georgia wide receiver said Charles actually reminds him more of another prominent Bulldog.

“He reminds me of Knowshon (Moreno) a little bit,” Green said of Charles. “He’s got one of those motors that never stops.”

Before his team took the field for its first day of practice a year ago, Richt spent the morning answering questions about two players who had been arrested and a third who earned a suspension for damaging property at a local hospital. So when a reporter asked about the quiet offseason this year, Richt’s response was relief.

The troublesome offseason a year ago foreshadowed a problematic season on the field in which Georgia was among the most penalized teams in the nation. Richt said his hope is that the trouble free break this year will be precede a similar on field turnaround.

“Have we been a more disciplined team from January to August than we were a year ago? To this point, we have,” Richt said. “We hope that will translate to being a more disciplined team on the field.”

NBA to sell jersey ads in 2017

The NBA will begin putting sponsorship logos on player uniforms in 2017 18, a move that could generate at least $100 million annually and a step that the NFL, Major League Baseball and NHL have yet to take.

The three year trial was approved Friday by NBA owners and will take effect when the league’s contract with Nike begins. The patches will appear on the front left of the jersey, opposite Nike’s logo, and measure about 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches.

Logos appear on international and MLS soccer jerseys, and many athletes in individual sports wear their sponsors’ attire in competition.

Commissioner Adam Silver had said going with logos was inevitable because of the potential to add revenue. WNBA and NBA Development League teams already have logos, and NBA clubs were wearing them on practice jerseys.

Silver called the plan an “experiment” and said it was hard to estimate how much revenue it would generate because teams would be responsible for their own sales, and some could decide not to participate. cheap nfl jerseys But he said it could be $100 million annually.

“I think the greatest impact will be on sort of this amplifying effect of a company choosing to associate directly with a team’s jersey, then going out and promoting that relationship in the larger market,” Silver said. “I think that will lead to greater engagement of our fans with these teams.”

Owners also discussed a North Carolina law that limits anti discrimination protections for lesbian, gay and transgender people. Silver called it “problematic” for the league, but there was no decision on moving next year’s All Star Game out of Charlotte.

“The league believes that these groups need to be protected, but again, I think the right way to work to the proper resolution here is for the league to remain engaged in the conversation, rather than setting ultimatums or announcing we’re not going to play our All Star Game in Charlotte,” Silver said.

There was also a presentation from Evan Wasch, the league’s head of analytics, about ways the NBA could become more sophisticated about next season’s scheduling to find further rest opportunities for players.

So the main business completed was the jersey sponsorships vote.

Besides the financial implications, Silver believes the sales can expand the league’s growth oversees by drawing companies who want to be involved. He understands that fans who favour the traditional look might not like the logos, but will eventually see them as a way to improve the game.

“But there’s a reason this is a pilot program,” he added. “I mean, we listen very closely to our fans, and so we’ll see what the reaction is.”

Major League Soccer teams began selling jersey sponsorships in 2007, and they generate more than $6 million annually in revenues.

Adidas enters the final year of his contract as the NBA’s official outfitter next season. When Nike takes over, its logo will become the first on league’s jerseys except for those of the Charlotte Hornets, who are owned by Michael Jordan.

The logo of his Jordan Brand, a subsidiary of Nike, could be on the Hornets’ instead.

The sponsor patch will be adjusted to fit the dimensions of each sponsor’s logo. It won’t appear in retail versions of the jerseys, but clubs can sell jerseys with sponsor patches in their team stores.

An American drink is making its mark with an FGCU student at the helm

He sat at a plywood bar in the basement of the ice hockey house at Indiana University Bloomington campus. He wasn drunk, but his friend was pouring shots of whiskey. It was time, as Reed calls it, before he and his teammates went to a local bar for cheap drinks on a weeknight.

In the basement, Reed pulled from his pocket a two inch shotgun shell. He went skeet shooting that day for the first time at a friend farm outside of Carmel, Ind. They used a 12 gauge, Reed thinks. cheap nfl jerseys The shell he played with in his hands at the bar was yellow with a brass base.

He kept it because he thought it was cool.

On the basement walls were images of Americana hung by a Texan. Signs said, Free or Die and or Die. There was a Texas flag and a 13 star American flag. The place had the feel, Reed said later, of a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western.

Reed wanted to bottle that feeling, literally. America needs a whiskey about America. At least, that was the concept born in the basement.

Now, bottles from Reed bourbon company, American Barrels, are stocked at more than 30 shops and bars in Southwest Florida. The company sells 90 proof alcohol out of a tall cylinder with glass blown to appear like a rattlesnake is wrapped around it.

The bottle is topped with a tan cork and based in brass, like a shotgun shell. The company motto is, Free or Die: A True American Spirit. CEO is Reed, a rising senior at Florida Gulf Coast University. He is 24 years old.


Reed always seemed to have an entrepreneurial mind. He sketched as a kid. He made drawings of jewelry or clothing or architecture or perfume bottles and left the scraps of paper on mom desk.

He was gifted, for sure. As an elementary school student, he was bussed an hour and 15 minutes from Gateway to take special classes in Lehigh. His mom enrolled him in Canterbury School in Fort Myers when he was in fourth grade. He stayed there through the first two years of high school

Reed grandmother on his dad side was an artist, but Reed doesn think of himself as an artist. More of a business man. Or a hockey player.

Reed started playing the sport when he was strong enough to carry a stick. He had so many interests when he was younger that his parents couldn figure him out. But in his teen years, hockey took over. As Reed says, became the main drive. bounced around. He spent his high school years attending prep schools and playing hockey in the Northeast. By the time he was 21, he had played for six teams, including junior hockey clubs in Massachusetts and Canada.

Reed plays goalie. He is 5 foot, 9 inches and weighs about 170 pounds. He says coaches see past his size due to his speed.

On a recent afternoon at Germain Arena, he in full gear between the pipes wearing a white practice jersey and a tropical blue goalie helmet with painted on sunglasses and pink flamingos. Reed is the starter in net for FGCU. The team, a Division II club member of the American Colliegiate Hockey Association, has lost in the national championship game the past two seasons.

He and a select few of his teammates are taking in a midafternoon skate at Germain before competing in the ACHA All Star Challenge, which was held in West Chester, Pennsylvania, in mid April.

The players take turns trying to get pucks past Reed in two man fast breaks. On the first run, Reed makes two saves one on his right blocker and another on his left pad after sliding quickly across the crease to stop the rebound.

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Ronde and Tiki Barber: Football Stars by Bridget Heos Find this book online from $6.20. The Barber brothers have written a new children’s book, called. NFL stars Tiki and Ronde Barber follow up

their successful memoir,Cheap Jerseys free shipping By My Brother’s Side, with a winning book about gridiron greatness.

When twelve year old twins Tiki and Ronde Barber make the third string of their junior high football team, they find themselves working hard to prove. NFL stars Tiki and Ronde Barber present sports

fans with a sun drenched childhood anecdote about perseverance.wholesale jerseys from china Go long, Tiki!” Tiki and Ronde’s twelfth summer is winding down the nights are getting shorter and the evenings cooler. While NFL superstars Tiki

and Ronde Barber play for different teams, they are inseparable as brothers. Ronde and Tiki Barber: Football Stars by Bridget Heos Find this book online from $6.20.

Until recently, Barber lived in New York City with his wife, fellow University.

In happier times: Tiki Barber and his wife Ginny Cha, at a gala in New York City prior to. Atiim Kiambu Hakeem Ah “Tiki” Barber (/ ? t i? k i. Back in April, reports surfaced that Tiki Barber had

left his wife Ginny after 11 years. Thabo Sefolosha’s Wife Bertille Sefolosha Tiki Barber And Fiance Traci Lynn Johnson Postpone.

Ronde and tiki barber children

Whoa, Momma! is here to help you with parenting tips and discussion of all parenting issues. We speak with Tiki and Ronde Barber at their book reading with children National Football League (NFL)

running back Tiki Barber has. As a kid, Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Ronde Barber

was an avid reader. They will meet on the football field Sunday when the Giants play the. The Barber brothers have written a new children’s book, called.

Tiki Barber reveals one of the main reasons he and his brother Ronde decided to write Kickoff!, their first collaboration, was for their children. Tiki Barber, Robert Burleigh, Ronde Barber By My

Brother’s Side User review: 4 stars. “Tiki And Ronde Barber stick together and follow their dreams. Tiki, left, and Ronde Barber promoting their third children?s book,. Barber, whose identical twin

brother, Ronde, also plays in NFL, has also written children’s books with. So he gets a little upset when he reads the statistics that say boys just don’t. Barber, Ronde, Barber, Tiki, Children’s

Books/Ages 9 12 Biography Juvenile Nonfiction Tiki Barber,Ronde Barber, Paul Mantell’sGoal Line (Kickoff) [Hardcover]2011 by Paul.

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Sending a message

The NFL sent a message to its players this week. Football players need to be role models, not party animals.

The league fined one of its biggest stars in a way that is sure to get his attention banning him from playing the game for part of the upcoming season.

Ben Roethlisberger, the star quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, has been putting himself in too many questionable situations involving young women.

Even though he has hasn been charged with a crime, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the players need to be held to a higher standard. Under the punishment, the two time Super Bowl star could miss the first six weeks of the season. As the captain of the team, his leadership will be missed on the field. cheap nfl jerseys The loss could have a significant impact on the quality of the Steeler season and chances to enter the playoffs.

As a leader of the team, he needs to set the example of how to be a player, citizen and a role model. The Steeler Nation fans love their black and gold stars in the Steel City. However, this latest incident removed some of the luster fans of all age look forward to each fall.

Goodell did the right thing in sending a message to all football players. The league is financially supported by fans who purchase tickets, jerseys and watch the games through lucrative television contracts. The league needs to have standards that keep players in a respectable light for everyone who enjoys the game.

Welcome to my ‘Eat Clean and Train Dirty’ Website!

I am very excited to announce the launch of my website – Eat Clean and Train Dirty!  As a female personal trainer, business owner and nutrition coach, my job is to inspire my female clients to train hard and enjoy real food to accomplish whatever fitness goals they wish to conquer *YES conquer!

Whether you have a physique goal, want to be able to do pushups and chin-ups OR just want to feel good, than stay tuned to find out how to eat and train to hit your goal.

Women have been held back from the weight room in the past, told to pick up light weights in order to ‘tone’ and to eat a low calorie diet to get ‘thin’. It’s time to lay those fitness myths to rest, train dirty, eat clean and support each other in order to accomplish everything you want!

Put down the 5 & 10lbs weights, stop sipping on diet coke and eating rice cakes, and let’s hit all your fitness goals. Are you up for the challenge to change the way females train?

Eat Clean & Train Dirty.



Today I rocked some Pull-ups. Learn how you can too!

Using a resistance band is an awesome way to train for bodyweight pulls and chins!
Using a resistance band is an awesome way to train for bodyweight pulls and chins!

Pull-ups are an awesome goal. I love when one of my clients tells me – ‘Hey I want to do pull-ups’.  My response – AWESOME.

One of my clients Pauline recently did her first unassisted pull-up and 1/2 (in the land of me…the 1/2 rep is Definitely worth counting!).

Today in my workout (which is crazy by the way…thanks Taylor), I did a superset of BB Clean and Press with pull-ups on our TRX rack.  My PB in the 4 sets today was 5 pull-ups the set went like this – 5/4/4/3.5 . I need to get in 8 reps…it WILL happen!

There is a point to telling you about my pull-ups. And just a quick note about my new site…Some female trainers like to post their workouts and diet EVERYDAY, followed up by multiple pictures of them working out or on photo shoots, that’s great… but you won’t find that here. My goal is to educate you and tell you how you can hit every single fitness goal out of the park! I think there is a lack of fitness education for females.  I can post multiple pics of hot fitness models and trainers, but common, you want to know how to change your life, not live someone else’s!

Back to pulls and chins – shall we?

Pull-ups are an awesome upper body goal. Here is how I accomplished both pull-ups and chin-ups with my training:

1) I first started by perfecting my ‘inverted row’ (lying under a bar or TRX and pulling yourself up). Both pushups and inverted rows are 2 awesome exercises to start when you are a beginner.  Our TT programming always includes these exercises from the get go and then when they get too easy we toss a plate on your back or stomach!

2) As I got stronger I then progressed to using bands to help me get my chin ‘up and over’ the bar (in my past training years ago, I had used the pull-up machine…not a good idea, as it didn’t give me any idea of the proper form I needed to do a REAL one!). You want to drop you head back, look up (where you want to go!), and focus on using your back to pull and initiate the movement. *Using back activation techniques are also a great way to warm-up those muscles so you know how to contract them through the pull movement.

3) I then started using a spotter & no bands (usually I persuaded Vanessa, one of our trainers, to lend me a hand, which towards the end of my sets sometimes turned into more of a workout for her!)

4) Then came the day when I went ‘band-less’, ‘Vanessa-less’ and started the journey towards bodyweight chins and pulls!

Note: All the time I was training on a strength program that worked on improving my overall strength.

A well designed program, proper nutrition and 4-5x a week training is essential to accomplishing the goal of performing body weight pulls and chin-ups.  We have a few members at Taylored Training who are working on their pull-up badge on an amazing program designed by Taylor – I will keep you posted on their progress.

In the meantime, summer is coming and don’t you want to be able to do some chins and pull-ups to show off to your family and friends?! Picture hanging  out with your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews or siblings at the park and rocking’ out some pull-ups on the monkey bars- trust me, it will feel pretty awesome!

Throw Out Your Scale

Throw out your scale. Yes, I’m serious.  Here me out.

I have the “scale talk” with at least one female client, member, facebook follower or friend almost everyday.

Here’s are some of the most frequent questions I get:

  • What if the scale goes up when I lift weights?
  • My  clothes feel great, I feel better, but the scale has gone up – I’m scared and I’m freaking out?
  • I will lose my 10 pounds when I start working out, right?
  • Can I lose ___ lbs by ____date?
  • I don’t want to gain weight when I lift weights, that won’t happen, right?

These are all great questions and part of being a good coach is providing answers that educate my clients. I will always be happy to answer these questions everyday (twice a day if need be), but here’s the deal; ladies you need to free yourself from your scale, and more importantly how that scale makes you feel.

Check out these pictures:


Myth Alert! Muscle does NOT weigh more than fat (this is one of the urban legends of the fitness world up there with vodka doesn’t have any calories…sad, I know).

So muscle and fat weigh the same BUT as you can see in the pictures above they take up a different amount of space. While both 5lbs of muscle and 5lbs of fat weigh the same on the scale, you can see the huge difference in the way they look. You will see a difference in the way you look and more importantly the way you feel, when you replace 5lbs of fat with 5 lbs of lean muscle.

When you’re training hard and following a program it is important to track changes in your physique to keep you on track, motivated and excited to hit your goal. The best ways to track changes to your physique are:

-weekly or monthly pictures in a bathing suit

-having a ‘thermometer’ pair of jeans or pants

-tracking measurements


Here is the best way to explain it.  If you see someone at the gym (male or female) with a killer body (nice arms, lean stomach, cute butt) do you really care how much they weigh? If you found out they weighed 10lbs more than what you thought – would you care? When you look at pictures of fitness models on the cover of Oxygen magazine, would you think the models weren’t attractive if I told you they weighed 140lbs instead of 125lbs?  When you feel amazing after a great workout how much to you value that feeling over that number on the scale?  Did you know that physique competitors aren’t judged on their weight, but on their physique and presentation of that physique?

Hopefully you get my point. The most important numbers to focus on when you are training for a fit physique are measured in pounds – the ones you are lifting not the ones you see on the scale!

Work hard, challenging your body, eat clean and you will hit your fitness goals.

Single serving (grain-free) microwavable brownie (does it get any better?)

*original recipe idea is from the ‘Girls Gone Strong’ FB Fanpage, I made a couple tweaks!

  • 1/4 cup liquid egg whites
  • 2 TBSP coconut flour
  • 1/4 cup canned pumpkin
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 TBSP dark cocoa powder from Costco (my fav brand)
  • 2 packs of splenda OR stevia
  • Optional: chocolate chips (don’t need a lot…maybe 5-10)

I used a ramekin dish and microwaved from 2-3minutes (depends on how vicious your microwave is).

The best part:

135calories/15g carbs/2.5g fat/10.5g protein/7g fiber

Optional:Top with nut butter!

single brownie